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What does Palloncino mean ?

Palloncino is the Italian translation for balloon, which was my first word as a little boy - pronounced as "ah-oon"


What is Tonda Iblea?

Tonda Iblea is a local olive varietal found mainly in Monti Iblei region of Sicily. "Tonda" represents the round shape of the Olive and "Iblea" is derived from the Iblei mountains of the region.

Our Tonda Iblea is a monovarietal olive oil made only with Tonda Iblea olives and could be characterized as rich yet well rounded with an undertone of green tomato and artichoke.

What is EVOO?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What are product dimensions?

Volume: 250 mL (8.5 FL OZ)

Height: 9.1 Inches

Diameter: 2 Inches

Can I cook with Olive Oil?

Absolutely! However, our core belief is Tonda Iblea shines best in the absence of heat. We recommend it as a finishing oil used after cooking.

How can I place a large order for an event or gifting?

Please provide estimated date and desired quantity in the Contact Us form below or by email to team@palloncino.co

What are your certifications?

We are certified Organic by Ecogruppo Italiano SRL. At the moment, we are not certified Kosher. Our products are Non-GMO as implied by USDA Organic standards.

What are the grades of Olive Oil?

Find out here on TikTok

What is the shelf life of Olive Oil and how should Olive Oil be stored?

2 years unopened, 3 months after opening. Store in a cool, dry place.

In reality, this answer largely depends on storage conditions. Optimal storage is a proper wine cellar. For more extreme examples, refrigeration promotes the presence of water vapor and higher temperatures promote greater frequency of reactions between fatty acids and oxygen. Both extreme cold and hot temperatures make olive oil age quicker.

Note: if your only options are very cold or very hot, our philosophy is too cold is better than too warm.

Our Olive Oil is packaged with a Nitrogen Buffer that helps block oxygen from interacting with the oil.  Once the bottle is opened for use, the Nitrogen escapes and the oil will remain in contact with oxygen in perpetuity.

Who is eligible for free shipping?

Free shipping on all orders of $65+ in the lower 48 states.

Alaska, Hawaii, or Outside the US - please reach out to team@palloncino.co with your request

What is your return policy?

Please reach out to team@palloncino.co if you have an issue with your order, but unfortunately we do not accept returns.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Reach out to team@palloncino.co and tell us your story.