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Tonda Iblea Olive Oil

Tonda Iblea Olive Oil

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Product Information

Size:  8.5 FL OZ (250 ML)

Recommended Use: Finishing

Certification: Organic and Extra Virgin


Our Tonda Iblea Olive Oil is certified organic and harvested early to ensure freshness and excellent taste. Its rich yet well-rounded flavor has notes of green tomato and artichoke, making it a versatile addition to any dish. Whether drizzled on bread or added to homemade hummus, Tonda Iblea will elevate your culinary experience.

Producer Notes

Frantoi Cutrera manages olive oil production from tree to bottle. They own the olive trees, mill, storage, and bottling facility. 100% of the olives used in this olive oil are Tonda Iblea variety and come from their town of Chiaramonte Gulfi in Ragusa, Sicily, Italy.

  • Farm

    Varietal: Tonda Iblea
    Location: Sicily, Italy
    Orientation: Traditional

  • Harvesting

    Month: October 2022
    Style: Hand-Picking
    Olive Transport: Crate

  • Mill (Frantoio)

    Crusher: Pieralisi Frangitore
    Malaxer: Pieralisi My Blend SX
    Decanter: Pieralisi Leopard Series

  • Storage

    Filtration Method: Cellulose
    Tank: Stainless Steel
    Oxygen Buffer: Nitrogen